Thursday, March 24, 2011

Polish PPS-43C

The PPS-43 Sub-Machine Gun.
During World War II, the Russian Army was looking for a shorter, easier to manufacture Sub-Machine Gun for their forces to replace the expensive PPSh-41. The result was the PPS-42, and shortly after that, the even simplier to manufacture PPS-43. Made from stamped steel parts, these weapons were mass produced in the millions.

Firing in full-auto only, the PPS-43 used 35 round stick magazines and was chambered in the 7.62*25 Tokarov caliber. Effective Range is 100 meters, with a 200 meter maximum range. Like most Soviet equipment, this weapon is extremely simple to operate and maintain. Pushing a button on the back of the receiver allows the lower portion of the weapon to swing down for easy access and cleaning.

This example is a new, semi-auto production and is manufactured in the Polish Radom Arms factory. The magazines are original issue but everything else is newly manufactured. Weighing in at 6½ pounds empty, it is classed and sold as a pistol. This is due to the 10½ inch barrel length being too short for rifle classification. Since pistols are not allowed to have shoulder stocks, the folding stock on this model is welded in the folded position. A SBR (Short Barrel Rifle) tax stamp can be purchased for $200, and then the welds can legally be broken to render the stock operational again.
My daughter was shooting this at the local range.